The Truth About Pre-Owned Dodge Journeys: Are They Really Unreliable?

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The Dodge Journey, introduced in 2009, aimed to capture the mid-size crossover market with its unique design and family-friendly features. Over the years, there have been conflicting opinions about its reliability, especially when purchased used. This article will attempt to dissect the reality behind these claims.

A Brief Overview of the Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey combined the utility of an SUV with the comfort of a passenger car. With options ranging from a 4-cylinder to a powerful V6, it attempted to cater to a broad spectrum of car buyers.

Reliability Concerns Raised Over the Years

1. Transmission Issues

One of the primary concerns users reported in certain models, particularly between 2009-2011, involved transmission glitches. Some users experienced unexpected shifting, while others faced complete transmission failures.

2. Brake System

There have been reports of premature brake wear, especially in the 2012 and 2013 models. Some users needed to replace brake pads and rotors earlier than expected.

3. Electrical Systems

Infotainment glitches, unresponsive touch screens, and faulty key fobs were among the complaints concerning the vehicle’s electrical system.

4. Engine Concerns

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Although not as widespread, some owners mentioned issues like engine stalling or excessive oil consumption in specific model years.

Counter-Arguments: What Works in the Dodge Journey’s Favor?

1. Price Point

Even with potential reliability issues, many users find the Dodge Journey offers value for money, given its competitive price point in the used car market.

2. Space and Comfort

The Journey is praised for its spacious interiors, multiple storage compartments, and overall ride comfort.

3. Improved Models

Dodge addressed many concerns in the later models. Those considering a used Journey might fare better with the 2016 models and beyond.

Recommendations for Potential Buyers

  1. Detailed Inspection: If you’re considering a pre-owned Dodge Journey, have a trusted mechanic inspect it, focusing on the common problem areas.
  2. Check Service History: A well-maintained car can reduce potential future issues.
  3. Consider Certified Pre-Owned (CPO): Dodge’s CPO program offers vehicles that have undergone rigorous inspection and come with extended warranties.

Final Thoughts

Many people wonder, “are pre owned Dodge Journey unreliable?” before making a decision about purchasing a used car. The Dodge Journey, like any vehicle, has its strengths and weaknesses. While some models have been cited for reliability concerns, many owners have had positive experiences. The key is to be informed, cautious, and thorough in your inspection when considering a pre-owned Journey.

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