3 Tips in Choosing a Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage services are not new. This was first developed in the 1960s with the notion that the user and his data can be connected wherever they went. This was a revolutionary idea. However, it wasn’t until about the early 1980s that the service started to gain traction with the bigger companies like CompuServe and AT&T.

These days, cloud storage comes naturally to most people, even when they don’t know it. Do you think that your emails are saved on your computer? How about your Facebook pictures? Maybe your bank account balance is all in your mobile device waiting to be withdrawn. Do you see a pattern here? It’s not about keeping your data private so no one else can see them, most of it is already out there. The real question is how do you choose the best one that will keep your information safe and secure.

Cloud storage is not just simply going online and signing up for the cheapest one with the largest free storage space available (some are actually free). If you are planning on saving some sensitive information on the cloud, you have to be very careful in your decision. Due diligence and research is a must. Here are 3 tips in choosing a cloud storage service.

1. Owner
The safest and most reliable cloud storage services are most probably owned by the biggest companies. This is for the simple reason that cloud storage actually needs hardware to store the customer’s data. Lots and lots and lots of hardware. What? You think it’s really stored up there in the sky inside this enormous floating cotton candy? Didn’t think so.

Some of the more reputable cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are backed by the biggest organizations on the planet. They offer assurance that your data will be protected and they won’t be closing shop anytime soon. But, along with the reputation and the prestige comes a higher price. Most companies do offer free storage up to a certain amount of data (Google Drive gives you 15 gigabytes just for signing up) so if you don’t have a bunch of pictures or videos to save, then these are plausibly enough for you.

For those are looking for more storage space going into the terabyte territory, there are also multiple options and they have plans and packages that may fit into your budget. Although, you can’t beat free storage, right?

2. Security
This is where the big dogs excel. They are the ones that can offer assurance and security. And we’re not just talking about security that defends against malicious online hackers, we’re also talking about security that your backup data in the cloud is also backed up.

Remember the hardware that actually stores your information? There are literally buildings and buildings of cabinet-sized equipment holding your data. And it’s connected to another building that backs them up in case of an unexpected shutdown. They have their own 24/7 power grid. Who has that?

This is actually what you pay for, peace of mind. Assurance that your data is protected and not available to anyone but yourself and confidence that it will always be there when you need it, where you need it. This leads us to the final point.

3. Easy
Uploading data and information should be easy. Whether you’re in your house encoding away or on the go with your mobile, cloud storage services should always be user-friendly. As in, you should never have to think about even saving them to the cloud.

Most cloud services actually offer autosaving options. It even lets you choose which types of files you want to save or even specific folders that you want it to skip. Imagine uploading all your Game of Thrones videos? You’ll run out of space faster than you can say, “Winter is coming.”

To summarize all these is quite simple really. Take a couple of hours to research and find out what cloud storage service would be perfect for your needs. Most of them offer a free trial period (just don’t forget to read the fine print, it’s always there). And if you like it, then you continue using it. Free service is good but paying for premium services might pay off in the long run. So pick a service now and save away.

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