3 Ways Tech Works for You

In these modern times, technology is everywhere. When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? That’s right. You reach out and turn off the alarm from your mobile device. That was a trick question. Now that you’re really conscious, now what do you do? You reach for your mobile device and check your social media. That’s reality.

Sometimes we think that we are slaves to modern tech. And sometimes we really are just that, slaves. We can’t go more than a few minutes without checking if we have a new email, or if someone commented on our blog post or watching the current score of the football game. The good thing is we still control technology. And therefore we can make technology work for us. Here are three ways that we can make technology work for us.

1. Personal Assistant
Might as well admit it. We aren’t the most organized person. There are some things that we may be good at doing but a person who has a natural feel for structure and planning is one in a million. This isn’t to tell you that you can’t be a one-in-a-million individual, it’s just that most probably you aren’t.

This is where technology can really work in your favor. If you any sort of smartphone, you can start there. If you are not the CEO of a multi-billion dollar industry, then you presumably don’t need to look at every alert that arrives in your phone. You can adjust the settings in your phone applications (or apps, for short) where only the most important alerts come through.

One of the most understated usefulness of the smartphone is task management apps. You plan your day and with a few clicks on your phone, you can forget about what you just wrote and the app will remind you when it’s time to do it. This is can either be a to-do checklist, daily routine reminders, or even something more powerful like a note-taking app that you can literally speak to and it inputs your words. Now that’s neat.

2. Apps and More Apps
Speaking of apps, there is absolutely an app for almost anything and everything you can think of. They can range from the most absurd and simple (remember Flappy Bird) to the most sophisticated and useful (medical and military software.)

There are apps specifically for the work environment. Some companies design and create their own customized apps. It is now essential in the corporate world to be as updated as possible. This is especially true with cybersecurity and online pirates.

However, there are also apps for your own personal growth and improvement. Time-tracking apps seem to automatically know what you need to do at any certain point of the day and then makes the proper suggestions. Exhibit A – workout apps. Don’t you just love being reminded that it’s time for that 20-minute brisk walk around the neighborhood? Me, neither. Which then leads to the next point.

3. Commitment
Technology is literally an animal. It can be frightening. When you take it for granted and don’t respect it enough, it will devour your entire world. You have to be committed to learning everything you can about modern tech. There is a lot of good that technology can offer once you really get into its uses.

Watching videos can be beneficial when you’re learning something new and helpful. It can also be detrimental when you’re spending a few hours learning how people can be so stupid when they’re drunk and compile epic fails. Audiobooks are very helpful because you can completely finish a book while driving. Ever heard of Siri and Alexa?

Ultimately, the choice is yours if you want to control technology and make it work for you. Or let technology run its course and overwhelm you because you did not care enough to learn about it and use it to your advantage. Intentionality is a necessity. Technology was created to make human lives easier. Let’s prove that.

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