3 Tech Tips to Stay Organized

The world works better when there are systems and organizations. For millions of years, mankind has survived because there were rules and guidelines. Today, rules and policies still exist, albeit in very different methods and purposes.

“Being organized is easy” – said no one ever. It’s actually ironic that the most organized and detailed individuals have an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Imagine telling someone they have a disorder because they love order. Anyway, that’s another topic altogether.

Technology was invented to help mankind ease into the future. The most important thing to remember is that being organized goes a long way to help society become better and more productive. And modern tech has so much potential to help the world not only stay organized but become so much more. Here are 3 surefire tips to use tech and become organized.

1. The Updates
You might be saying that you’re not old-school and you know the difference between an email and a tweet. Well, you’re not wrong. Nonetheless, you need to be updated in the world of technology especially when it comes to your personal life and also in your work conditions. Let me explain.

Computer operating systems always release updates that fix minor bugs and other issues. And every now and then, they release a big update that drastically changes the way the system functions. Whether you’re using a Mac or Windows, you need to be updated. Why? This is because a lot of the software that you may be using (MS Word, Excel, to name a couple) will be affected.

The quicker you learn and self-inform if you need to update to the latest system or you can survive even without the upgrade, the better you will be in staying organized. If you fail to update your system and your applications don’t run anymore, it’ll be really hard to stay organized then.

2. The Clouds
This is fairly new in the internet world. Cloud storage is becoming more and more the norm when it comes to saving data. Many laptops have now removed the DVD from their models because who uses DVDs anymore? The industry “standard” in transferring files today is the USB flash drive; which cloud storage is trying to reach.

Cloud storage saves you gigabytes of data that are stored in your hard drive. Of course, there are sensitive files that you wouldn’t want in the cloud (understandable); but there is so many other stuff that could go. Google offers unlimited, UNLIMITED, storage space for pictures and videos. Multiple cloud storage platforms are offering gigabytes of free space just by signing up. This is a great time to be a techie.

In fairness, cybercrime does exist and real-life hackers do, too. These people want the world to be in disarray and chaotic. Cybersecurity is a huge industry and keeps on improving to prevent these criminals from winning. The system is still as organized as they come when it comes to the online world.

3. The Devices
Last, but definitely, not least are the gadgets and toys that you have. Remember when we talked about updates? Well, the system updates usually arrive because there is a new device and that new system is custom-built for that new toy. Some devices won’t let you upgrade the system because they are deemed outdated. The nerve!

Along with the system are the apps. These apps are what keeps us organized and, truth be told, alive. Apps of every kind, developed by geniuses, designed to help keep humans organized and happy. Unfortunately, some updates require you to update the app also. And this becomes a problem if your device won’t update anymore.

Granted there are many stores that offer very low and affordable prices and payment plans so you can get the latest models without going bankrupt. Still, it would be great not to be spending hundreds (even thousands) of dollars every year on new devices.

Again, staying organized is not easy, but it is totally possible. Technology can help you if you let it. Don’t be stubborn. Technology is here to stay. So just get with the program and make tech work for you in staying organized. If not, well, being old-school doesn’t sound completely bad, does it?

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