3 Reasons Why Online Gaming is the Future

Older generations tend to say that video games are useless and just plunging the next generation into mindless and lazy entertainment. They would say to go out and play with other kids. Another common joke would be there’s no future in video games and that it would delay your mental development.

Well, in all honesty, they probably weren’t wrong. The operative word being “weren’t,” as in 10-15 years ago. To be fair, there are video games that can still be considered mindless and lazy entertainment (hello, angry birds). However, modern online games are more useful than you think. And not only do they give a very vivid, virtually real, and senses-immersing feel, they even connect to other communities or real people who play the same game. How’s that for a social life?

And here’s the crazy part, online gaming (the older generations probably don’t know that it’s not video games anymore) is being used far more than just to give enjoyment and entertainment. If you’ve ever heard of the term IoT (Internet of Things), the online gaming industry is actually at the forefront of this revolution. Here are the top three reasons why you need to know about online gaming.

1. Anyone
Absolutely anyone can be involved in online gaming. Okay so maybe different people adopt different genres. For example, you wouldn’t want a 70-year-old grandpa playing Fortnite, would you? Or how about a high school student playing online solitaire (some people still into that apparently)? Both scenarios would look awkward, right.

Now here’s the funny bit. If you know anything about online gaming communities, and you have the privilege to be a part of one, then you would know that a social gaming community is composed of any and all kinds of gamers. Old, young, students, corporate directors, and yup, the aforementioned grandpa and high school student. And it would totally look and feel normal. There’s no discrimination, whatsoever. Wouldn’t you like that for the whole world?

2. Mobile
Just a few years ago, online gaming consists of people staying indoors or any other place with a fast internet speed, glued to their desktops or laptops, and firing away hoping the connection is not lagging. Today, you can bring the game with you everywhere. Remember IoT? This is the current technology that the previous generations can only dream of. Imagine, you can play a live online game with someone from Europe, talk to them WHILE playing the game, and replying to a text message from your mom that you need to be home in an hour. Oh, and it tells the time too.

IoT is changing the way we think about everything about the internet, about gaming, and even about society in general. As long as your mobile device, the old laptop, the home computer, your workplace, your children’s school, your wife’s favorite mall, those corporate utility companies, and even your dad’s church are all connected to the internet you are never truly detached from anything. You can keep track of everything (bank accounts, emails, current sports scores) while riding on a skateboard. This is not the future, this is the now.

3. Futurist
Speaking of the future, whether we like it or not, (and whether we believe it or not), the future that you used to see only in the movies is not too far away. The multi-billion dollar online gaming industry is not going away. They even have the online casino for those that don’t want to waste time traveling to the hotel so I’m betting (no pun intended) it’s going to be bigger than ever before.

Online gaming has become the “experimental” mechanism that modern and futuristic technology is being tried on. Have you seen the latest RPG games? They are as real as you could possibly make them without it being the real thing. House robots are now open to the market because of their AI (artificial intelligence) and it was tested on, you guessed it, online games.

So to conclude, online gaming can be whatever you want it to be. If you want it to ruin your life by spending an inordinate amount of hours, then that’s your prerogative. But if you want technology to work for you, to make your life easier, you just simply embrace the future of society. Now, if only we can get the older generations to that gaming community.

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